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Roof Ice Prevention System

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After battling ice dams in three homes over near 40 years of home ownership, this is the first time I believe we have a solution. Might be the best $$$ I ever spent."

- Marv Hiller, Slinger, WI


Attention property owners: Why Choose Us?

ice dam prevention system homeownerEdge Melt Systems is a division of GSB Companies. The company was founded in 1996 providing quality products and service to the residential and commercial market. Over the years our fabrication capabilities have grown and our expertise has been refined. The products we offer are of the highest quality and tightest tolerances available. We offer IceBlaster Ice Dam Prevention Products, VersaScreen Gutter Protection Products, ECO Digital Controllers, and fabricated sheet metal products.

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The system is working flawlessly !! Rear gutter always clear. Front gutter currently with ice dam. (He had a system installed on the front the following year). I took some pictures and I'm not sure if you need any more testimonies but I am willing."

- G. Tucker, Hartford, WI

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Mr. Geldernick called me one morning to tell me his wife was doing cartwheels in his living room because they no longer had ice dam problems. (Yes, he really said that!) Below is a testimonial he provided.

The [current] pictures we sent were digital. The old photos we have make them look mild. You cannot see the siding thru the ice. The pictures with the gutters were taken on 12-12-16 after 18 inches of snow in 4 days. Greg’s [Edge Melt System] "ice melt system" is fantastic, period. There are no gutters on the icecycle photos. They were torn down from the ice 3 times in the first 5 years. I gave up! I tried everything in the next 30 years other then removing the cathedral ceiling - roof. We are located in Paw Paw Mi. in the lake affect snow belt, similar to Buffalo, NY. I installed the system myself. It takes time and a bit of thought. If you can wire and hang gutters its doable. Greg is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of this system. I called him several times and he always got back to me or answered his cell phone. That was important to me. If you are dealing with a similar ice dam problem I highly recommend Greg’s [Edge Melt] system! This is the first winter in 35 years that we are not knocking down icecycles daily!

- Bill & Mary Geldernick

Before Ice Dam Prevention System and After Ice Dam Prevention System


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