Reviews and Testimonials

Hear from satisfied customers of Edge Melt Systems products:

Ice Blaster Valley Panel, Heated Gutter System, Indoor Controller

Easy process, and excellent technical support. The system was easy to install with clear instructions for the subs involved. Overall a great product, doing its job as designed in snow country of central Montana.

— Cole Robertson


Double Cable Eave Panel, Ice Blaster Valley Panel, Indoor Controller

Excellent customer service and quick response with technical questions. Product works incredibly well.

— Darin Bolyard


Ice Blaster Valley Panel for Metal W Valleys, Indoor Controller

What a great product and a great team at GSB Services, LLC (Edgemelt Systems)! After one full winter of operation, the valley panel system we installed last fall has worked flawlessly keeping the snow and ice dams from forming in the valleys of our metal roof.

Wish I would have installed this system in 2010 when we added the great room to our log house creating these valleys. Would have likely saved us from replacing the metal roofing and underlayment in 2018 that was new in 2010.

Thanks Greg, Justin and the GSB Team.

— John Eppley


Heated Gutter System, Indoor Controller

After installing the controls, cable and wiring it to the electric panel it does a tremendous job of clearing the gutter. Now no more icicles! This is a great product. It has been in service since the fall of 2016.

— Lawrence Bostwick


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