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The "ice melt system" is fantastic, period... We are located in Paw Paw MI, in the lake affect snow belt... This is the first winter in 35 years that we are not knocking down icecycles daily!

- Bill and Mary Geldernick, Paw Paw, MI


As New England's #1 installer of roof ice prevention systems, we need products and service we can absolutely depend on. Our customers demand it and Edge Melt Systems delivers.

- Greg Greene, Owner of New England Ice Solutions


Thanks to you and Edge Melt Systems! This system has been completely effective in a very difficult location, I sent some before pictures to give you an image of the ice dam from last year. The materials were high quality and immediately worked with my gutter materials.The gutter guard is working great with both pine needles and aspen leaves, and the [heated] edge on the gutter guard is very effective and easy to install.

- Kris Hansen, Truckee, CA



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The 2019 Product Catalog is available for download!

Our updated 2019 Product Catalog is now available for download. 

Patent Granted!

Our top performing VersaScreen Heated Gutter Guards have been granted protected status from the USPTO - US9121179 B2. With unique design features only available from Edge Melt Systems, the our heated gutter guards can protect your home and business from ice dams and dangerous icicles while keeping your gutters from plugging with debris. Edge Melt Systems is the only company that can offer a full line of ice dam prevention products for your roof and gutter - including heated gutter guards, roof and valley heat panels, and our own line of energy efficient ice melt system controllers.

The DC Sierra digital controller is here!

Heat cable systems can consume large amounts of energy depending on their size. Closely monitoring when they need to be on can be tedious and problematic. And, when they are on, more energy is used than is needed. The DC Sierra Panel is a high efficiency digital control system that precisely measures the amount of power needed to keep ice dams at bay and limits the power needed to do so. A huge leap forward in Roof Ice Prenvention System Control. Read More...

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