Victorian Home Roof Ice Dam Problems Solved

Victorian Home in Chenequa, WI receives major heat cable system upgrade!

This home's original heat cable system was not keeping up. It was put in to mitigate some ice dam and icicle issues that create problems on many areas of the home. With ventilation, air sealing or insulation improvements being impractical (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars), the customer Existing Heat Cable System not preventing ice dams and iciclessought out a better solution to what they had. Notice the heat cables are barely melting through the snow and are actually creating the icicles overhanging the stairs leading to the front entry.

  • Zig zag heat cables are only meant to melt paths in the ice dam and not prevent them from forming
  • Zig zag heat tape is unable to keep up as winter conditions worsen such as deep snow, colder temps, and windy, drifting snow
  • Zig zag roof heating cable can actually contribute to the formation of icicles and create dangerous conditions

What is the solution to this ineffective ice dam prevention system?

Edge Melt System heated gutter guards and channel  melt panel effectively solving ice dam and icicle problemsThe homeowner's builder brought in a local company that specializes in ice dam prevention systems based in south east Wisconsin that handles IceBlaster Edge Melt System products. It was suggested that the existing gutter protection (wooded location) be upgraded to the patented VersaScreen IceBlaster MaxPro and FEPro heated gutter guards in the areas where the ice damming was a problem.

Along with that the valleys were treated with the EMS heated valley panels. Two areas where downspouts were draining onto the roof received the Channel Melt Panel to effectively drain away melt water from upper roofs that could otherwise refreeze on the roof.

This was an extensive installation involving four separate areas on the house. As you can see, the architecture of the house not only contributed to the ice dam problem, but also made the installation more complex. The flexibility of the IceBlaster Edge Melt System made for an easier installation than competing products. The quality of design made for an effective ice dam prevention system. 

Suitable for all styles of homes!Edge Melt System ice dam prevention for roof and gutter ice dams

IceBlaster Edge Melt System ice dam prevention products have been successfully preventing roof and gutter ice dam problems on many styles of homes. Our products are installed throughout the country from Maine to the state of Washington. Installed at alpine elevations all the way to sea level, our products are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

  • One time, permanent installation
  • Effective, highly efficient heat transfer design
  • Patented heated gutter guard design
  • Applications for just about every building style
  • Products for every roof style and product