Single Cable Eave Panel Available from Edge Melt Systems

Single Cable Eave Panel - Effective Ice Dam Prevention at Affordable Cost

Some areas of the roof don't need the heavy, aluminum extrusion-based products for effective ice dam prevention and management. And, in someSingle Cable Eave Panel for ice dam prevention on roof areas of the country, the winters aren't severe enough to warrant a more high powered (and expensive) system. Our Single Cable Eave Panel (EP-SC) is the perfect solution. We have removed the aluminum extrusion and provided a specialized channel in the aluminum cover that accepts one run of heat cable.

The system pictured here was turned on after 4-5 inches of wet snow fell and built up on top of the panels. Included is the heated valley panel and EMS Single Cable Eave Panel. Overnight temps in the single digits with daytime in the teens. The gutter and downspout is also heat traced. While it is always recommended to have the panels on prior to snow fall, depending on temperature, they can recover in a day or two even with snow on them.

Beware of products that use steel as the cover panel!

Ice dam prevention on roof with the EMS EP-SCThere are other products on the market that use a single heat tape to prevent ice dams at the roof edge. Some of these use aluminum (both extrusions and sheet) to accomplish this. However, others use steel that is painted to look like aluminum. Please be aware that steel's conductivity is only 20-40% that of aluminum. Aluminum is far superior for effective heat transfer. The use of thin steel occurs due to cost and production considerations. Often the equipment used to form these inferior products cannot handle the thicker aluminum material. With our custom, in-house precision manufacturing process, commercial finish aluminum covers are not a problem. And, the end result is superior, not prone to rusting, and energy efficient. Do your own research. There is plenty of information on the web on the conductive properties of various materials. There is a reason that aluminum is preferred over steel in many industries for its heat conducting properties. 

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