IceBlaster Edge Melt System™ Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cables by Drexan are designed for commercial and residential (non-hazardous) applications to create drain paths needed to prevent ice dams and ice build-up that can cause extensive damage to roof and gutter systems. The power output will increase as ambient temperature decreases in the presence of ice or snowfall.


  • Regulates power output in response to changes in ambient temperature
  • Cable can overlap itself without risk of overheating and/or burn out for easy installation around roof, gutter and downspouts
  • Cable can be cut or extended to required length
  • Available, industry leading 10 year warranty
  • 9mm sizing
  • 5 & 8 watts/ft power output
  • 110-130 and 208-277 VAC



VersaScreen Gutter Protection/IceBlaster Edge Melt System and National Electrical Codes require 30 mA equipment ground fault protection on each heating cable branch circuit to reduce the danger of fire caused by continuous electrical arcing resulting from improper installation or damage to the heating cable. Conventional circuit protection may not be suitable for preventing electrical arcing.

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