DC Flex Controller Set Up and Operation - Video

The DC Flex Digital Heat Cable Controller is the perfect complement to any roof ice prevention system or pipe heat trace application. It allows for the efficient and effective control of your heat cable system without requiring the end user to closely monitor the system.

This video tutorial covers the basic operation and programming functions of the DC Flex Digital Controller. For installation instructions...

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Installation of the Single Cable Eave Panel

digital heat cable controller Our updated profile of the EP-SC means an even easier installation along with improved efficiency. The roof edge ice melt system operates on one run of heat cable in the panel and one in the gutter (if there is one). The EP-SC features an .040 aluminum heat transfer panel with Kynar 500 finish.  

The following video shows simple step by step instruction...

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How To Use The Channel Melt Panel

Channel Melt Panel - a versatile tool in the ice dam prevention system arsenal! Upper dormers and upper roof lines that drain onto lower roof sections as well as downspouts that drain onto the roof pose unique problems. What can be done to... Read more

System Control - Convenience and Efficiency

digital heat cable controllerWhat is the best way to operate a heat cable system? For convenience and energy efficiency, use a system controller. System controllers have the heat cables on at the best time to prevent ice dams on the roof or in the gutter. Our controllers feature "window" operation - meaning they are on at temps between 35 and 5 degrees F. When it is warmer, natural melting occurs. When it is really cold usually there is little or no new snow, there is little heat loss melting, and the heat cables are less effective when it is that cold...

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