2018 Edge Melt System Catalog Update

The Updated 2018 Edge Melt Systems Catalog is available for download. We have added our DC Series of Roof Ice Prevention System Controller to the catalog - phasing out the DC Flex digital controller. While the Flex was a great controller, many... read more

Use Gutter Heaters to Prevent Ice Dams and Icicles

Gutter heaters can prevent ice dams and icicles! Ice dams result from the gradual melting of snow on the roof caused by heat loss from the house/building, solar gain (the sun warms the snow and roof surface), and temperature fluctuation. When... read more

Improper Roof Ice Melt System Installation Causes Real Problems

Why Edge Melt Systems Product and Support Are Superior
Choosing The Wrong Roof Ice Prevention System Put a New England Home in Danger! As the owner of Edge Melt Systems Roof Ice Prevention, I regularly talk with our installing contractors. I have a vested interest in their success as businesses and... read more

What Role Does Architecture Play In Causing Ice Dams?

Architecture and Ice Dams The common consensus has been that ice dams are caused by warm attics. So, the logical solutions is cool the attic down. Insulate and ventilate. And, for some homes with inadequate levels of either, that can go a long... read more

Edge Melt Systems and ONE Gutter Guard

A great addition to our ice dam prevention arsenal For years, our mainstay for gutter protection has been the VersaScreen Pro and its heated versions. Manufactured in house on our precision CNC Autobrake, this product allowed us to solve many ice ... read more

How To Improve Your Gutter Heat Cable Performance

The Cable Cover Bracket (CCB) is the best friend a gutter heat cable can have. We should start by saying this only applies to good quality self regulating heat cable. You should not use a CCB with the thin round constant wattage style of heat... read more

Roof Ice Prevention System for Camp Prime Time

Camp Prime Time gets much needed roof ice dam prevention system. Prior to the winter of 2014/15, Edge Melt Systems was contacted to help solve a tricky situation at a camp for terminally ill children. A little background on this great facility:... read more

Complex Roof Ice Dam Prevention by Edge Melt Systems

Edge Melt Systems solves complicated roof icing issues Edge Melt Systems was selected over several other options to prevent the ice dam related leaking into a unique home designed by world famous architect Robert Oshatz. The multi-sectional roof... read more

DC Sierra High Efficiency Controller from Edge Melt Systems

New Ice Dam Prevention System Controller from Edge Melt Systems Leads the Way Some things are just worth waiting for. The Sierra Digital Controller by ECO is a new generation of ice dam prevention system control. It offers as much as 50%... read more

Facts About Ice Dams That You Need To Know

Facts About Ice Dams That You Need To Know Many homeowners face different challenges every winter. With temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing along with increasing snow level on the roof results in having ice dams on the edge of their... read more

Single Cable Eave Panel Available from Edge Melt Systems

Single Cable Eave Panel - Effective Ice Dam Prevention at Affordable Cost Some areas of the roof don't need the heavy, aluminum extrusion-based products for effective ice dam prevention and management. And, in some areas of the country, the winters ... read more

Victorian Home Roof Ice Dam Problems Solved

Victorian Home in Chenequa, WI receives major heat cable system upgrade! This home's original heat cable system was not keeping up. It was put in to mitigate some ice dam and icicle issues that create problems on many areas of the home. With... read more

IceBlaster Edge Melt System to use Drexan Heat Cables

Sale of Nuheat to Pentair necessitates a change. With the sale of Nuheat to Pentair, our source for the top performing Fujikura self regulating has changed. With Pentair requiring the use of the RayChem IceStop heat cable by Nuheat customers, OEM,... read more

New Controller From Edge Melt Systems Leads the Way

The DCAS4 is the new standard for ice dam prevention system controllers! Starting in June, IceBlaster Edge Melt Systems ice dam prevention systems will feature a new weapon in our arsenal - the DCAS4. This controller features an industrial... read more

Custom Homes Deserve Custom Guttering and Downspouts

Your custom designed and custom built home deserves better than home improvement store guttering and downspouts. The ability to build a custom home is a dream all Americans have. Once we achieve that dream, our goal becomes home maintenance and... read more

What Kind of Heat Cables Should I Use To Prevent Ice Dams?

We Perform Testing on All of our Products
Plagued with Roof Ice Dams? What kind of heat cables are best for Ice Dam Prevention? When we experience winters like they are having in New England, homeowners are desperate to try anything to solve their ice dam problems. For many, the old... read more

Avoid Ice Dams Next Year with These Amazing Ideas

People who live in temperate climates just don’t understand how a harsh winter storm can create ice dams that can tear your roof to bits if it gets heavy enough. Ice dams form when melting snow refreezes on or near the edge of your roof or... read more

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro Solves Front Entry Ice Dam Problem

Front entry ice dam problem solved with VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro! Much of today's architecture contributes to difficulty with ice dams. Dramatic gable ends create valleys. Often, these valleys funnel water right at the front entry. In the summer, ... read more

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro Tackles Tough Winter Storm

Can gutter guards prevent ice dams? For so many homeowners, the promise of gutters guards preventing ice dams is a hollow one. Experience has taught us that even squeaky clean gutters can, and do, freeze solid. The problem is made worse by many... read more

VersaScreen IceBlaster Patent Pending Published

FINALLY - A TRUE HEATED GUTTER GUARD After years of testing and research and an application with the US Patent Office, the VersaScreen IceBlaster patent application has been published - US 2012/0168419 A1. Because of the uniqueness of this product, ... read more