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Don't be fooled. Zig Zag Roof Heat Cables Are Not The Solution

Hardware store zig zag heat tape has a limited heat output and is easily overwhelmed even under moderate snow conditions. Beware of this option!


Roof Ice Melt Zig Zag Heat Cables cables are prone to fail.
Roof Ice Melt Zig Zag Heat Cables cables failed again.


Even so-called commercial grade self regulating heat cables cannot keep up. The outdated concept of zig zag installation doesn’t prevent ice dams - it only attempts to melt channels to let the water out. You can clearly see the danger in this approach. Don’t be fooled by handy men or inexperienced electricians who offer this option.

heat cables not enough to de-ice roof

This home had the ineffective commercial grade heat cables removed was retrofitted with an Edge Melt Systems heated gutter guard, Channel Melt Panel, and Valley Panel. The entry to this beautiful lake residence will no longer pose a problem for the homeowner and their guests. Edge Melt System products can help you prevent dangerous roof ice. Our products are engineered to solve real ice dam problems.

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before Edge Melt Systems
after Edge Melt Systems