IceBlaster Extended Overhang Eave Panel (EP-EO)

​​The IceBlaster Edge Melt System Over Hang Panel (EP-EO) is specifically designed to prevent ice dam and icicle build on extended overhangs or over hangs with exposed rafters. These unique roof features create the need for specialized roof de-icing systems designed to address these areas.

The highly efficient system is comprised of an aluminum extrusion base panel which houses two runs of commercial grade self regulating heat cable. Three wattage options are available to meet snow classification requirements (see Snow Classification Table). Uses for the EMS EP-EO are roof edges, dormer edges, extended overhangs with exposed rafters, and other areas where roof slopes present ice dam and icicle problems.

Installation is simple. Base extrusion integrates with metal roof panels and transition. Route two runs of commercial grade self regulating heat cable. Prefinished aluminum cover panel covers batten and transition extrusion and is riveted to base panel for maximum heat transfer. Route any heat cable in gutter and downspout(s).

Expert design layout and installation guidance are available.




  • Heat output based on industrial grade self-regulating heat cable
  • Base Extrusion: 6063 T5 Aluminum
  • Cover Panel: .040 Kynar 500 prefinished aluminum or real copper


  • 50 yr on base panel and cover panel material
  • 40 yr on cover panel finish
  • 10 yr on supplied heat cable
  • See Warranty for complete details

Supplied Components:

  • Base extrusion, roof panel, batten cover, transition flashing and splice covers
  • Mounting hardware
  • C/US Listed self-regulating 5, 8, or 10w/ft heat cable 
  • 110-130v or 208-277v (voltage specific)
  • Power Connection Kit
  • Extrusions and covers are up to 10’ standard lengths
  • Panels customized to specific overhang length
  • Standard Colors:  Medium Bronze, Matte Black, Dark Bronze, Hartford Green, Mansard Brown, Charcoal Gray, Slate Gray, and 20 oz. real copper.
  • Special Order Colors: Complete line of Firestone UnaClad aluminum colors



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NOTE: Roof drip edge or gutter apron, ice/water shield, tarpaper, gutter, gutter straps, and other features omitted for clarity. IceBlaster EMS products are fully compatible with most roof styles and systems. IceBlaster Over Hang Panel (EP-OH) can be installed on a roof overhang with or without a gutter.


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