DC Series Digital Controllers


The DC Series of ice dam prevention system controllers allows for automatic operation of the Edge Melt Systems heated roof panels and heated gutter guards.

The DC-AS22 operates up to 2 separate branch circuits according to the temperature control values set on the digital temperature controller. The DC-AS4 allows for 4 circuits of control, while the DC-AS8 allows for 8 circuits of control.

A set point for heat cable on/off operation, as well as a set point for low temperature cut out (LTC) of the circuits, is provided. The LTC mode saves energy by keeping the heaters off when temperatures are below the threshold at which solar gain and heat loss melts snow or additional snow accumulates. Both temperature set points are easily field-adjustable to suit local conditions.

DC-AS22 Roof Ice Prevention System ControllerOperation

The DC Series Controller uses a remote thermistor sensor to measure the ambient (outside) temperature. When the sensed outdoor temperature falls below the upper setpoint (out1), the temperature controller energizes the branch circuits. When temps rise above the upper setpoint the branch circuits are de-energized. If the sensed temp falls below the LTC (out2), the branch circuits are de-energized and re-energized when the temperature rises above the LTC set point. This is commonly referred to as 'window' operation and is the most efficient way to operate your heat cable system.


  • Operates up to 2,4, or 8 separate circuits depending on model
    • 208/240V @ up to 30 amps per circuit on the DC-AS22
      • NEMA Type 12 insulated enclosure (indoor installation)
    • 120-277 @ up to 30 amps per circuit on the DC-AS4 and DC-AS8
      • NEMA Type 4X insulated enclosure (indoor installation)
  • Single and/or 3 phase
  • MAX control energizes heat cable circuits regardless of temperature
    • Useful for preseason testing
  • AUTO control energizes the heat cable circuits when the ambient temperature is between set points
  • Foolproof, economical control
  • Set points are field adjustable
  • Precision calibration function customizes the controller to the installation site
  • Polycarbonate enclosure
  • UL 508A C/US


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