DC Sierra High Efficiency Controller from Edge Melt Systems

New Ice Dam Prevention System Controller from Edge Melt Systems Leads the Way

Some things are just worth waiting for. The Sierra Digital Controller by ECO is a new generation of ice dam prevention system control. It offers as much as 50% reduction in operating costs over typical ambient sensing controllers. 

So, what can you expect from the Sierra Digital Controller?

  • Proportional Temperature control and Ambient Temperature Sensing with 'Window' Operation which reduces power consumption
  • Precision Temp Sensors featuring an advanced, highly accurate design 
  • Start Up In-rush and Current Control which increases maximum cable lengths and reduces installation costs
  • Soft Starting feature that will increase cable longevity and protect the electrical supply system
  • Integrated GFEP for built in safety and convenience
  • 1-6 circuit versions available
  • Integrated WiFi control for remote operation

Sierra Digital Controller

How does it work?

The Sierra controller measures outside temperature. When it is at the right temp for ice dams to form, a second controller measures the temperature of the roof ice melt system heat panels and controls the amount of power sent to them to keep the roof heat panels at the right temperature to prevent ice dams. So, only the NECESSARY amount of energy is used. 

Are these features unique?

When taken as a whole, there is not another panel like it on the market. Why is that? Heat cable manufacturers focus on the industrial market where available power and budgets are generally not a concern. The cost of operating heat cables is just another entry in the ledger of the cost of doing business. High Efficiency Control Sytem Panel design has become standardized and copied from one company to the next. We weren't satisfied with that. Our engineering team searched long and hard to come up with a design that satisfied our requirements while also being affordable for the residential and commercial market. But, that doesn't mean its less of a panel. This panel is built by our UL 508A shop to meet tough industrial standards.

When you write out a check for the cost of electricity each month, you feel it. Its real to you. The more heat cable you have to power, the more you feel it. The Sierra Digital Controller helps out with that by reducing the amount of power needed to keep ice dams at bay, while allowing for peak power when its snowing heavily. Our proprietary Soft Starting function also extends heat cable life by controlling the heat cable start up so that it comes up to full power slowly. Our digital current control also means you can put more heat cable on a circuit, further saving you money at installation. 

A great retrofit to an existing system!

In the past customers had to choose between on/off control or a High Efficiency Control System based on the industrial design. The HECS panels were overly expensive, making the buy back in energy savings extremely long. Not so with the Sierra. The panels save enough energy that buy back is typically less than half of HECS panels today. The Sierra Digital Ice Dam Prevention System Controller can easily be retrofitted into an existing system (including Summit Radiant Edge and Bylin RIM) so that those customers can benefit today from a modern, well-designed, energy saving controller. 

Customers choosing to install a roof ice prevention system have great choices now. Edge Melt Systems with its ECO brand of digital controllers is leading the way. For more information, please contact us.