Complex Roof Ice Dam Prevention by Edge Melt Systems

Edge Melt Systems solves complicated roof icing issues

Edge Melt Systems was selected over several other options to prevent the ice dam related leaking into a unique home designed by world famous architect Robert Oshatz. The multi-sectional roof arranged around a central cylindical structural shaft required expert layout along with creative thinking.Vegetative Roof Ice Dam Prevention System

The History

The home was originally finished in 2009. Each roof 'lobe' functions as a separate free floating vegetative flat roof. Each roof had its own internal drain that would allow excess water to drain out to a roof below or to grade. Additional drain scuppers were added through many of the parapets to aid in getting water off of the roof.

Originally, roof ice prevention was not considered as part of the build. After two years of battling leaks that resulted from the vegetative roofs freezing solid, a contractor who specialized in roof ice prevention was consulted. A system was designed and a budgetary estimate was proposed  for review. At the time, this option was passed over in favor of less expensive roof fixes.

The same roof ice dam prevention expert was consulted again early in 2016. This time Edge Melt Systems was specified and quoted. The installed price was very near what the previous roof ice melt system material cost was. The contract was awarded and work was completed in June of 2016. 

The installation

It was neccsary to create 'drain paths' around the perimeter of each roof section. This was accomplished by removing the green roof media and Vegetative roof ice prevention system by Edge Melt Systemsinstalling Edge Melt Systems heated valley panels. The industrial grade roof heat cables from Drexan Heat Tracer were also routed into each drain and parapet scupper.

The system also featured two DC Sierra digital high efficiency controllers to operate five separate zones. This controller will provide for precision control of the heat panel temps, resulting in operating cost savings to the customer. With the DC Sierra controller, only the amount of energy necessary to maintain above freezing temperatures is used. 

The result

After the system was installed and tested, the green roof vegetative system was reinstalled. The final product left the customer hard pressed to notice that work had been done on his home.

Edge Melt Systems was chosen on the project for its superior design, performance and affordability. The installing contractor was very pleased with the support he received.