Edge Melt Systems and ONE Gutter Guard

A great addition to our ice dam prevention arsenal

For years, our mainstay for gutter protection has been the VersaScreen Pro and its heated versions. Manufactured in house on our precision CNC Autobrake, this product allowed us to solve many ice dam problems that also required gutter protection. The heavy duty .040 aluminum with round hole perforations and durable black powder coating made the VersaScreen product line a favorite among contractors and homeowners alike. This gutter guard was excellent at keeping most leaf litter out of the gutters -

  • Maples - including the 'whirly bird' helicopter seeds
  • Oaks and acorns
  • Ash and Elm
  • Many other species

Gutter guard problems

However, there were some species that posed special problems. Spruce, pine, cedar and fir trees are often problematic for gutter guards. Holes Stainless steel micro mesh gutter guard clogged with pine sap and pollentoo big and the needles go right through. Holes too small and fine stainless steel micro mesh would plug with pollen and sap. So what could be done? We experimented and tested for years. We've looked at various products on the market and have even been approached by some to handle their heat cable implementation. None met our standards. Some had thick aluminum bodies that were just too difficult to work with and didn't fit the gutter well. Others were made from steel and couldn't transfer heat efficiently. Still others were made from vinyl, plastic, or other polyethylene like products that just wouldn't last all that long.

ONE Gutter Guard - a perfect fit

Finally, we discovered ONE Gutter Guard. This product is truly unique with its interchangeable mesh inserts to meet whatever the installation location requires - from pollen to acorns. Our preference is the all around 18 mesh - stainless steel for durability. It is the right size to exclude gutter clogging debris without being plugged up with pollen, sap and asphalt oils.

  • Heavy aluminum base chassis
  • Multiple filtration inserts
  • Well engineered design for ease of installation


Best of all the ONE Gutter Guard gutter protection system fully integrates with the full line of Edge Melt Systems ice dam prevention products. We have a great Youtube Video on the performance review of the heated ONE Gutter Guard with our Single Cable Eave Panel (EP-SC). It is really worth the under 3 minutes of screen time. We also have a data sheet available for download on this combination. 


In this featured video, the combination of the ONE Gutter Guard with the Single Cable Eave Panel from EMS had no problem keeping up with a recent 15+ inches of fresh snow and low temps in the single digits. While most gutters guards can make ice dam problems worse by allowing a place for ice to form above the gutter, this roof and gutter ice dam prevention system provides great protection winter and summer. And, it will continue to do so for many years.

Ease of installation, effectiveness, affordability, and longevity - this roof ice prevention system has it all. Give us a call or fill out the form to learn more.

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